Welcome to the IBJJF GP Middleweight 2021


This GP is an invitation only event, with a 4 man bracket.


Here are the rules of the Middleweight GP:


  • Single elimination format
  • Each match has a 10 minute time limit (under the IBJJF ruleset)
  • Division’s weight limit (up to 181.6lbs. with the Gi on)
  • 1st place will get USD20,000.00 prize
  • 2nd place will get USD3,000.00 prize
  • 3rd place will get USD1,000.00 prize

Jonnatas Gracie


Representing: Atos Jiu Jitsu. Jonnatas Gracie is a European Champion and Pan No-Gi Champion. Gracie is a rising young star with an exciting and dynamic Jiu-Jitsu game.

Renato Canuto


Representing CheckMat. Renato Canuto is a World No-Gi Champion and one of the most dynamic athletes in the sport today. When you watch a Renato Canuto match, you will be entertained!

Otavio Sousa


Representing: Gracie Barra. Otavio Sousa is a 3X World Champion, 4X Pan Champion and Brasileiro Champion. Sousa is the most decorated athlete in the GP and has looked unstoppable in recent competition.

Tainan Dalpra


Representing: AOJ. Tainan Dalpra has been on a very strong run in the Middleweight division this year. Dalpra has gone undefeated in IBJJF competition at black-belt, taking home 8 gold medals and is the current #3 ranked Middleweight in the World.