Important Info



Jiu-Jitsu CON tickets must be purchased at the “Spectators Tickets” booth, available throughout the event (doors open at 8AM). Tickets are non-refundable, cannot be purchased in advance and are only valid on the same day they are purchased. Children aged 12 years and younger get free admission.



Spectators: re-entry is only allowed within the same day and spectators must be wearing the same wristband purchased for that specific day. If anyone is seen transferring a used wristband from one person to another, IBJJF reserves the right to remove all participating parties from the event.


Athletes and Black Belt Coaches: re-entry is only allowed within the same day the entrance stamp was received as long as the stamp is still visible. If the stamp is not visible, athletes/Black Belt coaches must check in again to receive a new stamp.

Black Belt Coaches


Black Belt coaches with active IBJJF membership receive free admission. Please check in at the “Black Belt Coaches” check-in station at the event’s entrance.



Registered competitors in any of the Jiu-Jitsu CON championships will receive a QR Code via email to enter the event. Please present the printed or mobile version of the QR code at the corresponding check-in station (athletes or Black Belt coaches) to receive an entry stamp.


Competitors will be granted free access for all three days of the event, regardless of the day(s) they are competing.


Athletes from the Juvenile and Kids divisions are allowed to bring one companion on the day they compete free of charge, and will receive one event ticket for their companion once they check-in at the “Athletes Check-in” station. Tickets can only be redeemed on the day the athlete is competing, and are only valid for that specific day. Additional event days must be purchased separately at the “Spectators Tickets” booth.

Disruptive Behaviour


Anyone who engages in disruptive behavior such as foul/abusive language, obscene gestures, fighting or throwing objects will be removed immediately without a refund.



For safety purposes, all guests entering the event might be subject to a visual inspection and bag inspection. IBJJF reserves the right to confiscate items which may cause danger or disruption to the event or other guests, or which are in violation of the prohibited items. Any guest who declines to be searched may be denied entry.


Video recording
Video recording of fights is prohibited at all times. This includes social media live streaming.
Professional video recording equipment (video cameras, big zoom or commercial use rigs, monopods and tripods, drones).

Promotional items
Promotional items, flyers, or printed materials without written permission from IBJJF.

Weapons of any kind (guns/knives/pepper spray) and chemical dispensing devices.

Smoking and tobacco substances, alcohol, drugs, and/or illegal substances.

Signs/flags/banners, balloons and noise making devices.

Outside food and beverage.